Just do it… but tomorrow

Love is an emotional dessert. You can never have enough, even when you’re full.


I had dozed at home,until the phone vibrated in my pocket and woke me about eight o’clock. It was Victoria inviting me round for supper.

I was officially going to explode. But it was worth it to spend more time with her. It had been a little while since she did these kinds of things.

I stopped and got strawberry cheesecake on the way round. It was her favourite. I would buy a full one, but I knew she would cut me the smallest piece she could get away with and then use the spoon to finish the rest of it herself.

Again, the meal was really nice. We found even more pointless stuff to talk about and laugh over and after finishing, it was destination sofa again.

Victoria gave Smurf a huge piece of cucumber and even he seemed too full to move. It was warm and we were asleep in no time. She was snuggled into me and her warm breath was on my neck. It was about an hour later when I woke. Victoria had drooled on my shirt and there was a wet patch. I carefully manoeuvred around her, but she woke.

“Where are you going?”

“I’m going home.”


“Because you need to go to bed. You have to look good for your public tomorrow.”

“And tanned.”

“And tanned.”

I gently moved the hair from her eyes and kissed her. She frowned and screwed her nose up.

“I will text you in the morning. I know you’ll be busy, so just text me when you can.”

“I will.”

“Love you.”

“I just love you more.”

Everywhere was quiet as I walked back to my car. On the way home I rang her.

“Are you in bed yet?”

“Just getting in now.”

“I hope you sleep OK. Have a good day tomorrow. If you can, text me.”

“I will. I hope they notice my tan.”

“Victoria. They couldn’t fail to.”

“I love you.”

“Love you more.”

Do you know what, I hated going home and leaving her. This was it. Time to grow up. now we were back on track, I would start looking for a flat big enough for the three of us (Smurf included) and her handbags and then we could all be together and she could salivate to her hearts content.

When I got home, Mum and Dad were asleep. I got into bed and turned the TV on. Flicking through the channels I found a programme about Mesopotamian pottery and I was asleep in no time.





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